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Hey my problems started when i was installing an upgrade to win 7 service pack 1 on my computer. Prior to this my computer ran perfectly and i had never experienced any issues like this before. When going to bed the other night i hit shutdown (and install updates), the next morning i woke up and found it odd that my computer was still stuck on these updates and after a few hours my patients was at its end and i finally hit the power button on my computer (Perhaps worth noting that i left my external HDD attached to my comp throughout the night).
It booted up fine and all seemed well until i tried to run a game i regularly play and then bam - a BSOD appeared. My first instinct was to try a system restore to a previous point - however the only available restore point was the SP1 update (damn me for not making regular restore points). Since i had been backing up alot of my files onto the aforementioned external HDD the passed few days and windows was starting to exhibit the slowed performance that it does after being installed for a while i thought i could kill two birds with one stone and simply do an OS reinstall.

I did this quite quickly and got my system up and running again however the BSOD problem hasn't gone away and pops up when i open programs - specifically the aforementioned game but also on low-demand programs such as skype too.

I started reading into the errors that i was getting and quickly came across the fact that it was most likely bad ram or an out of date / malfunctioning driver.

I ran memtest86 for around two hours and my ram came up with no errors and i have used driver check programs to find out of date drivers and subsequently updated the ones it flagged. Still the BSOD persists and I'm at my wits end so i turn to you guys for some help, I've attached the Minidumps from my different BSOD in hope that you may have more insight into how i can fix this problem.




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