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I was skimming through the other posts involving Hijackthis logs and I decided, that for mine, I want to try to explain what I have noticed and done that persuaded me to post my HJT Log.

Here we go.
On the morning of Wednesday, June 15th I just finished watching the cowboy bebop movie, "knockin' on heaven's door" on my desktop so I started up real rhapsody and began listening to foo fighters when suddenly the song stopped!
Suddenly, I realized that my system was running very slowly.

Like before, I immediately started up the newest version/update of AdAware. After running a full system scan and deleting over a hundred spyware objects, I assumed the problem was solved, but after I rebooted, nothing had changed! For the rest of the evening, I just went through my system and manually deleted /uninstalled programs that might have caused the problem. But nothing changed.

Then, I turned off my computer and went to go see batman begins. When I returned and upstarted my PC, I was first presented with a blue screen that states the following:

"A fatal error in IE has occured at 0020:C0011E36 in VXD<01>+00010E36
error was caused by

What does that mean?
Then I noticed that my active desktop was replaced with a WARNING popup/wallpaper that (translated) states:


At the bottom is a "removal instructions" link that takes me to a site that says I have to pay $20 for a spyware removal, and quite frankly, I am (cough) broke (cough)

all last night, I have ran AdAware, Spybot search and destroy (which, by the way states that there are no immediate problems. Can you believe that?) and lastly, I ran microsoft's anti-spyware beta and nothing has changed.

Believe it or not, microsoft's anti-spyware beta picked up/"supposedly"deleted 40+ objects containing "Trojan" but nothing has changed.

Then I heard about a "Safe mode", but I have no idea what that means and/or how to use it.

Other problems include: Everytime I click on most links I am redirected to a clicksearchclick link with links to the words I click.
Secondly, Even though I use firefox, every few minutes I get an IE popup that reminds me I have a virus on my system.

I have no idea how this could have happened in such a short amount of time. I didn't even do anything (out of the ordinary that is)

So, If anyone can help me get my computer out of this ditch, below is my HiJackthis Log...
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