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MSN Live Messenger Password Saved Somewhere in Registry?

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This is no big deal, as this is a home computer, but I like to keep a clean system.

I use Sympatico Reporter
to report on my system information.

There is a sub-report in Sympatico that lists "Secrets." These are logins and passwords that are stored on your computer. I found several and was able to go into the sign-on screens and say "Don't store password." After I did that, they were all removed except MSN Live Messenger's.

I have gone through Cookies and the Registry and temporary files to try and find the place where the password is stored, but to no avail.

I changed my password on Live Messenger and told it not to store my password. The OLD password still shows up on Sympatico. I'd like to remove it because it could be a clue to other passwords I use.

Does anybody know where to find that entry and how to remove it?

I don't suspect any malware, as I have no other indications and cleaners show no suspected malware.

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Hi, Try reading this forum thread about how and where the password data is stored, it may still apply though Live is updated very often:

I first ran into info here:

Used the "Read more in the forum" link there to get to the thread.

Have a look here, as well>
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