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MSI NX7900GTO Problems

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I have this 7900GTO card, with brilliant specs and it had an excellent price tag. However it is not running the way it should. It will run the games with what is says is full graphics but when i see the same game on another PC which has lower specs than mine, the graphics are blatently better.

I thought it might be the driver i had so i went to the CD that came with the card and i clicked on the download driver button and the nvidia setup loads and then says:
"The NVIDIA setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your hardware. The setup will now exit."
I have also tried the MSI website and tried drivers that it says are for my card and drivers that it says are for the 7900gt and 7900gtx because it seems close enough, but both have the same problem.

I have just checked what driver i have at the moment and it says, which i presume is the same as 91.47 which is the one that is for my card.

Would uninstalling and then reinstalling the driver help, or maybe getting an older driver...
I am puzzled.

My other specs are:
AMD Dual Core 4800+
600W PSU

Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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I think when you were getting 9500 in 05 you were maybe a little slow, maybe. If you were slow it is not by much...possibly 500 points.

I am running dual cards with my processor OC'd to 2500 mhz and my score is 13171. Granted, I didn't set up to bench or I may have scored a few hundred higher. Here is a screenie, my specs are in the drop down on my fancy little computer next to my name.


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ben101 said:
Yes, i see. OK, and i suppose its not important what 3D Mark score you get, as long as it will play the games you want it to play, then everything is ok.

Well thanks....
Exactly. Being king of the hill in benchmarks will get you two things.

1. Bragging rights.


2. An empty bank account.

I have been at the top and I have been mid range and while I am at the moment still in the top 75%-85% or better, think of this. 6 months ago I was crushing people. :D

Never again. ;) A grand or better in video cards. I was stupid.(actually, I was trying to buy happiness after a traumatic event in my life but still.....;))
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