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Msgsrv32 error prevented Windows 98SE boot.

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This error is preventing me from starting windows 98. It comes up just after the background for the desktop loads. I cannot post the exact error, but it is something like: MSGSRV32 caused a invalid page fault in KERNEL32.dll at 0167:bff7b992, followed by code/hex numbers (I will be more specific if needed). I have looked to Microsoft's knowledge base and nothing there seems to be the same as the problem I am having. I have tried to start the computer in safe mode and the error still pops up so safe mode is unaccessible as well. It's my daughter's computer, Lord knows what she's done this time. She said AVG (free edition) ran a scan and attempted to restart the computer and this is what she was left with. Please help, reformatting is not my favorite thing to do.
Thanks for your time. :)
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Delete all Passwords in the System:

Tap on F8 during Startup to enter he startup menu. Select Command Prompt. At the prompt type the following and press Enter:

Del C:\Windows\*.pwl

Upon completion, restart the computer.
Thanks for your advice JSntgRvr. I tried it several times both in the command prompt and in the safe mode command prompt and niether worked. I had to Ctrl/Alt/Del to restart it each time.
Anyone else care to offer a solution?
At the command prompt type the following and press Enter:

Dir *.pwl /s

Let me know if files are located and where?.
Thanks for your help JSntgRvr but she couldn't wait any longer for her computer so I formatted the darn thing. Thanks for your time.
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