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I'm running Win 2000 and had to reformat..Unfortunately
When I did, MsCon.exe went with it...(I KNOW...Win 2K
DON'T have MsCon)...HOWEVER, I talked with you guys
month or two ago, and you told me where to get the
program( probably from an XP package or somthing)...
Anyway, tried CNET DL's and can't find it...Whereaway
do I voyage to find it...???? (NOT to be confused with
Win 98 MsConfig.exe, which I'm using NOW...It DOES
work on Win 2k but my nerd says not to use it TOOO
much or it'll blow somthing)( I should say it works after
I reset all kinds of alarms half a dozen times)
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Hi james S

I think this is what you are loking for :-

Steam, tried the URL you sent me and sisn't
work..Typed in both net and msie and still didn't
work...Went to whitbey home and nothing there
about any type of programs or DL's...By the by,
I want MsCon NOT MsConfig....Any other ideas???
You should delete "MSCon.exe", which is replaced by MServer. It can be downloaded from:
Hi james S

I obviously misunderstood your question - sorry about that

But the link DOES work - this is where it goes :-



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Hi Sream...More problems....When you sent me
the html format with the MsConfig.exe (in BLUE)
for Win 2000, I moused on the link and no go...
Didn't come up..ALSO, downloaded the attachment
(which was the same) and moused on the BLUE
line and STILL no go..Can you TYPE in a URL for
the MsConfig (for Win 2000, which (i think) comes
from Win XO???)....Definately need the typed URL
as for some reason the blue lines don't work on
my computer and my nerd is in the Air Force and
out blowing things up).....Thanks much
Hi james S

Let me get this right - you can't click on links - you have to cut and paste them - so you want the URL to msconfig for Win2000 so that you can cut and paste it ?

Hi james S

Assuming I have it right in the above post - this is the URL - replace the *'s with t's


This might cure your inability to click links problem - this is for win98 but should work on win2000

Go to Start/run, and type SFC.
Choose 'Extract One File From Installation Disk'.
Type oleaut32.dll, not worrying about its location. Then, click Start.

Next to 'Restore From', type in or browse for the file’s location, which is probably in the Win98 folder of your installation CD-ROM (typically D:\Win98), or in your Windows\Options\Cabs folder, as the case may be.

Then, next to 'Save File In', enter C:\Windows\System, and click OK. System File Checker looks for the file, saves it as you requested, and then tells you that 'the file has been successfully extracted'.

Reboot, and tell us whether that solves your problem.

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the MsConfig.exe but NOW need a mfc42u.DLL
to go with it...Will check my grirfriends conputer
(she on 98) and then try CNET Downloads...
Ifn can't find it there, will scream again..Thanks
a lot steam...Will get to the rest of the msg
concerning (cant read blue line links) later..
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