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MS Word - Full screen pic.

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Hi there.

I am using Word 2000, and would like to print a background image behind some text. However, I would like the image to fit the entire page.

I know that Format -> Background -> Fill Effects -> Picture, will print the pic on screen, but not on the printer, so that's no good.

I know that i can insert an image and Format Pic -> Layout = Behind Text.

I've also read that I can insert the image as a watermark by going to headers/footers.

What i need to do though, with whichever method i've chosed, is to have the image fit the whole page, so the printing goes right to the edge.

Is this possible?

I've set margins to zero, but there is still a margin that appears in the printout. Is this a printer setting?

(Basically, what we're trying to do is recreate an A4 ruled/punched notepad effect and laying text on top of the notepad image)

Any help is appreciated!
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It's got to do with the mechanics of the printer. It has to have a minimum amout of space on the sides for the rollers to pull/push the paper through the printer. Naturally, the ink ports can't lay down ink on the paper that's underneath the rollers.
See the 3rd bolded heading here, MrW!

It confirms what Miz says, but also helps you figure out the minimum margins for your printer.
Miz / Dreamboat:

Thank you both for your help - it's always the most obvious things, isn't it ! D'oh!

Also, apologies, as I do usually scan the FAQs/Previous posts for solutions first, but this time i was in a bit of a rush, so didn't.
Thanks for taking the time to look for a resolution for me (and the min margins thing too)

Why apologize? It wasn't HERE. It was someplace else that looks an awful lot like here. :)
It's been one of those days, I think!

(although you could easily substitute 'days', for 'lifetimes')!
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