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MS Outlook (Lookout) ?????

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I have a user that has created a Inbox in her personal folder and I have written a rule to deliver all mail to this box. (We did this because of the amount of mail she receives and server space is very limited). She has 2 calendars. One resides in the PST file and one is on the server. She is wanting to "synch" the 2 calendars so that when she has appointments, meetings etc on the calendar in PST folder, that it will populate to the calendar residig on the Exchange server so that all people can view her calendar. I have been through MS HELLp as well as the Rule Wizard. Is this possible to do at all???
All input is greatly appreciated!!!!!
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1--No rule required. Go to Tools-Services, Delivery tab and tell it to deliver mail to the (other) inbox. You don't need a rule to do this.

2--Any "secondary" calendars don't behave like the original. You can't share them with others either. I suspect you can't automatically synch them either. Why not just use offline folders?
Off line folders would not allow others to see her calendar...Correct??
Offline folders are nothing more than an "image" of what's on the server. If she shares her calendar, they will see it because it resides on the exchange server.

If she goes home tonight and changes her calendar on her laptop at home, of course, no one will see that change until she comes into work and synchs.

If she's not travelling with the PC, then what's the point of having a second calendar in the personal folder?

Perhaps I don't really understand?
That's the thing, she travels with her laptop. I have tried to talk her into just keeping everything on the server instead of her hard drive. The Exchange server is constantly backed up and if her hard drive decides to take a crap everything is gone. So the decision now falls on my user. I really appreciate your input and have forwarded this info to her!

Thanks a million dreamboat!
She should definitely be using offline folders then. It's just an "image" of the exchange server. She can set it to synch on exiting Outlook and it will do so whenever she's online with the server. She can also manually synch whenever she wants. Then, when she gets online after a day or two, it will match the server and offline folders. If her hard drive dies, you just create new offline folders on the new PC. All she loses is what she did offline since the last synch.
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