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Hello folks!

Well I have a project which has be given to me and I think I have found a method for completing the task.
I have to build a multiple page form packet which can be filled out on a computer and then printed, page for page.

I am looking at InfoPath to complete this using Views for the "pages". So far this is working out. I have a few problems which I am slowly learning to fix using Microsoft's help documentation, such as:

  1. Adding a button for changing views - I have this one solved
  2. Printing multiple views - This is solved as well

Now I have another problem which is VERY important but I can't find the solution to my problem. I have found solutions for similar problems but they don't help me with my issue.

So here I am..

I need for a user to open the form and input data in the fields in the first view. Then when the user changes to views following the first views I need the data which was entered on the first view to be automatically populated in the appropriate fields in the subsequent views.

Furthermore, I need certain data from any view to be auto populated where ever the field is repeated in the whole form, from view to view.

Because of the circumstances regarding the requirements of this task I am not given much freedom over the format of the form. Because of this there is form fields which are repeated a few times and I need the repeated fields to be populated automatically when the user enters the data once somewhere else in the form, such as the first view.

I hope I didn't confuse anyone and any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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