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MS 8000 presenter mouse

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OK here we go ---I should have returned it when I opened the pack-- it has a CD and a note attached to it that says do not install the software from this CD as your mouse will not work right

so they say to download the new drivers from MS
well it works with the dogle that comes with it
however it also says it will work with the onboard blue tooth rec.
well the side buttons will not work with the onboard BT
has anyone found a fix MS is not willing to do much about it however they are willing to give a refound ---I want it to work !!!!! not my money back
I wonder when MS is going to be made to put out a product that will work right out of the box
I have installed this on my new lappy Sony PCG-AR170
Windows XP Pro
with Bluetooth onboard

I thank you for any help that may be sent on to me
Joe B
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