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Moving files and loosing Harddrive space

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I was transferring *.mp3 files amongst other things to my D drive, when i went and checked Under Properties the moved files seemed to free the space up from my C drive..I checked the c drive and it said i had 136 mgs left on it..then a few minutes later if that, i would go back and check the drive space on C Drive and it would say 15 megs. I'm kinda perplexed to how that happend. Is there something that i'm not doing right..Any at all info would be much appreciated.


Intel P4 1.5 CPU
Intel 845 MB
384 Ram
C:10 gig
D:55 Gig
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have you tried to defragment your hard disk? It is, I think in different places in different Win versions. Best way is to go to Start Help and type in Defragment or something similar. Should lead you from there. It can be sloooow especially the one MS supplies.
I have defragged a few times now..same thing seems to occur hand I would say that it is the page/swap file that is growing as space is free'd up...
Windows XP Home Edition is my OS
Exactly how does the page/swap thing work? Can that be modified/changed somehow, or is that just basic system operation that can't be messed with?

The Page/Swap file, is the virtual memory that Windows sets up for the paging or swaping of files.

Basically, what a page or swap file does is it sets up a space on the hard drive, and uses it as RAM, now by default ( when you install Windows ) it is setup to let Windows manage the page or swap file ( and this is on all Windows operating systems ) which is called a Temporary Page or Swap file ( NT calls it a Swap File, all others call it a Page File, it doesn't matter, it performs the same function )...

In a Tempory Page or Swap File it will expand or contract as the space on the hard drive is available ( or as programs need it )...

And, can be modified/changed ( and this can be done with all Windows operating systems ), with XP, right click on My Computer-Properties-the Advanced tab-and under Performance click on the Settings button-the Advanced tab-near the bottom of the pop up you should see Virtual memory-click on Change... is where you will need to decide on how you will want to setup the Page File. Since the C: is a 10 gig and almost full, what I would do is to set the Page file on the D: and set the Min and Max to 2x the amount of memory installed on the pc ( this is callaed a Permanent Page file, and is faster )...
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Someone earlier asked if i had any viruses on my system up untill now i didn't think i did..but i just did a scan and my C Drive had the W32Sofunny.exe file on it. Does this at all factor into the issue at hand?

Since my memory is 384 i should designate to the D: Drive 768 min 768 max then?
Yes...that should work ( you can allways change it if need be ), and when you do set the amount on the C:\ to Min 2 meg and Max 2 Meg ( what this is for is to reserve space for a "Dump" file, IMHO you don't need the file, unless you are planning to send the file to Microsoft for debugging of the dump )...
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