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Mouse that..mouse drops items..

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I'm not sure I can explain this problem but I'll try: When I click on something to drag it, the mouse drops it. Does that make sense? For instance, if I'm playing cards and I click on a card to drag it, it drops before I get it to the place I want it. Sometimes when I click on something, the mouse picks it up and drops it a couple times before it "latches" on, then, I can drag it.

I hope I haven't made this too complicated!

I went to the manufacturers' web-site and upgraded the software but it hasn't helped.

I am running XP and have a Logitech Marble Ball.

It's worked fine until lately...maybe I just need a new one?
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Actually, this IS the spare's doing exactly like the other one. Surely they wouldn't be malfunctioning in exactly the same way..?? That's why I thought it might be something else, something to do with my computer. But then, I've had to wipe and reload XP and it's still happening. Boy, THAT was a trip!!!! It took me fourteen hours just to load the operating system! When I finally got it loaded I went into the BIOS and found that the first guy I took the computer to had somehow messed that I reset all the defaults and it's worked like a charm ever since...ummm, I'm sorry...I was talking about my mouse wasn't I?? Anyway, thanks for the input...I appreciate it...I guess I'll just break down and buy a new's just hard to find one exactly like this one and I do love it so...LOL! I just don't like the original mouses anymore, since I got used to this one.....oops, sorry...rambling again! Thanks so much for replying!
I know it's not wireless...but I'm not so sure about the USB that where the end you plug into the computer is flat instead of round? If so, then I have the round one...It really seems like the signal is being interrupted for a split second, if that is possible with the standard plug-in type thingys...Thanks for your patience...I guess I'll get a new one 'cause I know it's not the way, as edumacated as I am!!!
Thanks for replying..

I don't have ICQ...I use Yahoo! Messenger and that what you mean, brushmaster1? Or have I gone off the deep-end again? LOL!

John028356, I clean them (or IT...there's only one ball) constantly, and the three little prongs (?) that the ball rolls on. I've notice that the little screen under the ball is sorta dirty but I'm really afraid to touch seems so fragile.
Well, I checked and it said "no conflicts"...thanks for replying, you guys are great. I guess I'll just have to break down and spend $40 for a new mouse....oh man! Do you know how many groceries $40 will buy???

Thanks again!
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