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Mounting Fails under 2.6

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Its very odd. Mount seems to have stopped working under 2.6. In 2.4, mount would work, first try. Now, under two point six, i cannot mount, without starting mount, killing it, then mounting again. Very wierd. Anyone else experiance problems like this, or know how to fix it.
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does this happen with different file system types, or just a certain one?
Well, i rarely use any other fstypes. But it seems to be cdrom specific. Perhaps there is some damage, because i turned off dma with hdparm {
/sbin/hdparm -d0 /dev/hdc
} and that seems to have fixed it. I just wonder why i can mount under 2.4, and not under 2.6. Maybe 2.6 became more stringent with its dma requirements.
Do you have a CD on CD-ROM drive when you try to mount ?
It might be a silly question, but it happened to me yrs before.
with any kernel upgrade, comes new features, so yea it could be the dma problem, or even just a setting that was missed in the configuration before compile..
Yeah... cdrom there :)

*shrug*... i dunno what it is, but hdparm sets nodma on hdc when i boot now, so i should be fine.
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