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Motherboard & cpu upgrade.

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I'm upgrading my computer from a pentium 233 to a new motherboard from ABIT with a pentium 1.7gig cpu. I'm keeping my old hardrive 40gig western. It is loaded with Win98 and of course other stuff. Before I boot up with the Upgrades do I need to do anything about removing stuff from the device manager??
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do this, hopefuly it will work for you

First boot into SafeMode. To get into SafeMode, restart the PC. Now after the drives are recognized
on the screen but before the W98 splash screen, start tapping the F8 key. You should get the
startup menu with 6 options. Take the option for SafeMode. Now click on
Start>Settings>CP>System>DeviceManager. Scroll down and click on the "+" next to
"SystemDevices". Now remove them all and reboot. Also, if you had any onboard devices like
sound, video or a modem with the prior MB, be sure they are removed, too. And also remove any
"old" devices you might still see listed in DeviceManager.

Now click on Start>Shutdown>Restart and let Windows boot into Normal mode and reinstall the
devices. Have your CD for the motherboard and the W98 CD available in case your prompted for
them by W98.
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Would it be ok if I just opened the Device Manager while I'm still hooked up to my old motherboard and remove all the devices just before I shut down for good and before I install my new motherboard?
Since I'm using the same Harddrive, Floppy drive and Zip drive, is it ok to not remove them from the Device Manager, or should I just remove everything,like the mouse, keyboard etc??
by the way thank you so much for the quick and understandable assistance. Health and Happiness to you for the New Year.
I would remove the devices *before* disconnecting the old hardware. It would definitely help to keep windows from getting confused.
As to your last question, it shouldn't make too much difference on the drives. If your HD is going thru a new interface on the new board, like ATA-66 or UDMA-100, then remove it too. It will recognize and install it OK.

Good Luck and happy New Year!
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