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Monitors going black

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Recently my monitors will just go black and won't come back on unless i restart my pc. It didn't do that until the fairly recent windows update. I have rolled back drivers and uninstalled drivers and reinstalled drivers and nothing seems to work. It continues to happen. I have noticed it really only happens when I am playing a game. Any help would be great.
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Please post the brand and model of "monitors".
Please post the brand and model of "monitors".
Acer KG251Q HP K5A38A
Three year old thread, same problem but no solution

Is the HP model K5A38AA?

How are the monitors attached?
What OS is running on the PC?
What video card is in the PC?
In several threads it was mentioned that this sometimes happens when an update fails to be installed correctly. Uninstall the latest Windows update and then reinstall it.

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