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Monitor won't recognise video output

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After recently installing a replacement motherboard on our old Pentium 586 computer the monitor doesn't seem to display anymore.

The video card is correctly installed in the correct PCI slot, but after booting the system, it resorts to suspend mode, and won't recognise any video ouput signal from the computer.

Is there anyway to overcome this?
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Does it stay on while booting up?

Will it display in Safe Mode?

Have you checked Device Manager in Safe Mode for Ghost Drivers in Monitors and Display Adaptors?

Is it the monitor going into Suspend or the computer?

Have you tried another monitor on this machine?
The monitor turns on when booting, and then after the comper checks the harddrive, it goes into suspend mode.
I can't run it in Safe Mode as it's a new motherboard and I'm trying to configure the computer first.
Trying another monitor didn't prove useful as it too went into suspend mode after about 5 seconds from power on.

I have removed all connection from the motherboard and only left in the power and PC speaker connection (I took out RAM as well) and then turned on the computer. It didn't give me any beeps to indicate that there were any problems, and with the old motherboard put in the same situation, it gave a constant beep indicating that the computer had no RAM.

I have now come to the conclusion that it must be a falty or dead motherboard, as nothing else seems to have fixed the problem.
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