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Monitor went crazy

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My monitor suddenly began malfunctioning last night, with rolling and waving images. It also appears to have slipped to an 800x600 resolution, although it was set to 1920x1080.

The monitor is an AOC. I bought it maybe two or three years ago. It was connected to my computer with a VGA cable.

My computer is an HP ProBook laptop, with Windows 7 Professional.

I tried connecting the monitor with my older laptop (a Dell Inspiron), and I got the same results.

Why would the monitor suddenly go crazy without warning?

Is it gone for good?

Could the problem be caused by something else?
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It could be the VGA, a break in a wire or pin can cause such issues so worth trying another one.

But if its not the cable then it is the monitor and most devices do in fact fail without warning. Electronics fail, components break and wear out just like everything else in the world.

AOC has a 3 year warranty, contact them and they can replace or repair it for you:
Thanks for the feedback. Now I have to remember when I bought the monitor. :)
Depending on the manufacturer date on the monitor or through the serial number you may not need to provide proof of purchase, not sure on AOC's warranty procedure. If you can't find the date or receipt contact them anyways, they may not require either.
That's great advice! I've just e-mailed AOC about it, using the link you supplied. Thanks so much!
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