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Monitor Upscaling

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I am looking to create a new office setup. I have a 1080p laptop with HDMI and USB Typce C/Thunderbolt port. If I were to buy a 4k monitor what would be the best solution to maximise resolution to get the most out of the monitor?
I have come across some Samsung Monitors that claim to upscale HD to near 4K.
Thank you.
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Hi, and welcome to TSG.

The best solution to maximize resolution to get the most out of a 4KHD monitor is a computer with a video controller that can output 3,840 x 2,160 pixel 4KHD video. If you wish to stay with your current laptop, you should find out the maximum resolution you can get from the video output port for your desired mode or either mirroring or extending the desktop. Then purchase a monitor with that resolution. Upscaling can not add more pixels than what you have in the source. It just stretches what is given to fit the higher resolution of the monitor. That may be fine for viewing photos and videos but will result in fuzzy text in any kinds of text documents or spreadsheets.
Thank you. Sounds logical.

The laptop is a work laptop which I only received this year so am stuck with it for a while. It is a Dell 7390. Managed to find the attached information on the Dell website. It states the following - please can you give me your view on this?

System ports: Max Digital: (HDMI) 2560x1600, [email protected] Hz

  • Max Digital: ( DisplayPort 1.2) 3840 x2160 @60 Hz
  • Max Digital: (SL-DVI) 1920x1080 @60 Hz
  • Analog: (VGA) system (14 inch/15 inch) 2048x1152 @60 Hz
For 3 displays:
  • Up to 1920x1200 max resolution each (native or docked).
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I am not sure if I am reading the Dell specifications correctly, but it sounds like you may need to use a Dell dock with the laptop to get a 3840 x 2160 output. You should probably contact Dell support to confirm if you need a dock.

If the 4KHD monitor you choose does not have a DisplayPort input, you would also need a DisplayPort convert to match an input on the monitor.
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