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Monitor Turns Off By Itself

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When I am working on my computer sometimes my monitor turns off by itself. The hard drive stays on and when I try to turn off the hard drive it will not let me. I have to completely unplug my computer to reboot it. Can you help me?
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How are you urning off your hard drive?
My monitor turns off by itself while I am working on my greeting card program. Then when I try to turn off my hard drive to reboot it will not let me turn it off, I have to unplug my computer to reboot. Can any one help me? I am no computer wiz and this has become very frustrating. :(
Please don't start another thread on the same topic, just reply to your previous one.
Brian, I could not find my first thread that is why I posted another thead. Why could I not find it on the 11/8/01 Postings?

I can not turn off my computer by pressing the power off button
The monitor is already off and it will not turn back on. The only way I can do anything is to unplug my whole system.
I don't have a clue but let's see

1. Does the power light on the monitor go off or does the screen just go black, it the power light lit, green, orange, steady, blinking?

2. When you try to shut the computer off, have you tried holding the power button in for 5 seconds??
The monitor screen goes black and the orange light stays on steady. If I try to turn the monitor back on the light turns green for a second and the orange steady light comes back. The monitor colors come back or even begin to come back.

I have tried holding the power off button in but it is not functional at all when this happens. I have uninstalled the software and reinstalled it and it continues to happen. The program is American Greetings Creatacard Gold 5.
What are the specifications of your computer

processor speed
operating system
video card
HP Pavilion 838
400MHz Intel Pentium II processor with MMX technology
96MB SDRAM Memory
8GB Hard Drive
2x Max Speed DVD with MPEG 2 Video
High Velocity V.90 K56flex
ATI RAGE PRO Turbo with AGP 2x and 8MB SDRAM video memory
I'm fishin here.

Try bringing up task manager by hitting control alt delete, end task on everything but systray and explorer. Now try the program, does it still crash your machine.
Control, Alt, Delete is not an option because my monitor is dead when this happens. I can not turn it back on unless I unplug my machine and reboot this way. I also can not turn off my hard drive the green lite stays on no matter how long I hold down the off power button. The monitor screen is black and the orange standby lite is on, it will not turn back on. Will I will probably have to take it in for service?
I meant to turn off everything using control alt delete before running the program. Just to see if some other program was conflicting with the greetings program causing the error.
Also, click on this link and download the latest drivers for your video card.
Read the release notes for the instructions on how to install this driver (and uninstall the old one) and also read the warning about Norton antivirus.
If you're not sure of the install or what steps to take, please post back and the people here will help walk you through it :D
I've got GOOD NEWS and BAD NEWS. First the good're not alone! And now for the bad...I don't know to solve this problem....

When I read your post, I suspected that you had an ATI Rage video card, because I have the ATI Rage Fury PRO, 32MB AGP and mine does the same's almost as if the card overheats and just shuts down. When it happens, the monitor shuts off, just goes black, with the little white dot in the center as would happen if you pressed the monitor's power button, but the monitor lights indicate that it's still getting power. No amount of fiddling with the keyboard, e.g. Ctrl-Alt-Del, Alt-Tab, Escape, Windows Key, et.c etc. etc. will help. The only recourse is to shut the system off and start it up cold.

The only difference between our situations is that my system button works, as long as I hold it in for 5 seconds, while yours doesn't (there is an option to select what the power button does when you hold it in. I can't remember where the option is, maybe in Control Panel>Power Management??, but one of the choices is to shut down, while the others are Sleep Mode, and Suspend...or something like that. I suspect your's is set to go into sleep mode or suspend instead of to shutdown.) In my case, there isn't one program that causes it to happen, it just seems to be more prevalent if I leave it on for a day or two, than if it's been shut off recently (hence my comment about possible overheating).

While I can't offer any suggestions for solving your problem, I would strongly suggest that you make sure there is NO Harddrive Activity when you unplug your system! BEFORE you touch the power cord, check the lights on the front of your computer tower. The Harddrive access light (I believe it's the orange one...??) MUST NOT be flashing. Shutting it off while it's accessing the harddrive will eventually lead to damaging the harddrive permanently, so be careful.

I'll be following your thread with great personal interest. Just FYI, I have the latest drivers installed and I know a little about computers considering I built this one from scratch (AMD Duron 750mHz, 256 mb Ram, ATI Rage Fury Pro 32mb AGP, SoundBlaster LIVE! X-Gamer, etc.)

GOOD LUCK! Darren.
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I've also had the same problem with an ATI rage video card... the only fix I found was replacing the card:( I'm just hoping that the video card drivers will help angellady's problem, even if it didn't work for me.
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