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Monitor static causes reboot

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I just recently added a new Samtron 77V 17 inch monitor to my system. Soon afterwards I started having a problem with my entire system rebooting randomly.

I ran my Norton's System works thinking I could find a problem with the operating system (never even considering the new monitor).

I found quite by accident that if I touch the new monitor’s screen, it gives a static discharge (such as rubbing the screen) which causes my system to reboot.

How can I fix this problem???
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Make sure that wall socket that the monitor/computer are connected too are grounded. I have seen older computer monitors that had anti static screens in front with a ground wire to the computer, but i dont think you should have to go to that extreem with a new one. I would also make sure the monitor cable to the computer is connected firmly and use the screw downs to make a reliable, solid connection.
Try Endust for Electronics. Yep Endust. It comes in a blue can and with regular use it really cuts down on static from a monitor screen. Does a good job of cleaning too. I've used it for years on monitors, tvs, vcrs etc.
Hello Paul, and Monk

I just verified that the outlet that the computer power strip is plugged into is actually grounded. I have also removed the monitor plug from this strip and put it directly into the second receptacle of the very same grounded outlet.

It has been suggested that I try an anti static screen in front with a ground wire to the computer. Perhaps I should try that, or maybe return this monitor and buy a different brand. The problem is, now I’m extremely curious.

Monk suggested Endust, but I’m afraid if my wife sees that I use it on the computer, she’ll want me to do more of her work.. haha.

Another Tech guy replied to this and suggested that perhaps there were some environmental changes in the computer area. There were none that I can think of, except the heat in the house, as winter is approaching, there is more heat being used.

Any other suggestions??

Thank you, sincerely,

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There is naturally more static in the winter time because of less humidity(a humidifier sometimes helps). Does the new monitor have a degauss button. Try that(a shot in the dark).
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