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Monitor resolution... problems....

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Basically i have been using a 15" montor with 1024 X 768 for along time with no probelms. I recent purchased a 17" monitor and decided to change my resolution 1280 X 1024. For some reason my computer tends to freeze up all the time since i have changed, im not sure why, it seems very odd. I have now switched back for the time being and having no problems, but i really do prefer 1280 x 1024. Any ideas on whats wrong, Pc specs ar in my sig.

Cheers in advance guys...
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Duh, we don't know either. :eek:

Probably pointing to some sort of video card / monitor incompatibility. Did you try to tweak the settings? Did you look in the Device Manager for any conflict reports? Maybe need some driver updates.

How old are these monitors????
You can try something like:

Right Click on My Computer > Properties > Device Manager > Display Adapter > Then look around in General ..... Driver ..... Resources.

See if any conflicts are reported. Can try updating the drivers from there.

Same thing from the Device Manager under Monitor.
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