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Monitor problem, horizontal pincushion

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Hey Guys,

I picked up a new computer, I'm having problems adjusting the 17" flat screen (CRT) monitor. I'm getting horizontal pincushion on the whole screen, it's not bad but it's enough to piss you off . I've tried everything to fix this, but there's no direct setting on the screen for adjustment. Is this a common thing that happens with flat screen CRT's??

Any help would be great, otherwise this monitior is going back.
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The monitor is a Cicero- 777NS
The computer is a P4 2.66GHz
Video Card SiS 661FX 32MB on-board
Yes I have, it's a regular screen CRT the horizontal lines look better than the flat screen CRT. This must be a crappy monitor, it came free with the computer as a bonus.
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