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Monitor connected to integrated gpu (laptop)

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so.. I just bought a new monitor for my laptop, the problem consist in the fact that when I connect it to the laptop it runs with intel graphic card when I have an Nvidia gtx 1050. The problem is with the laptop because I just tried with my another rtx 2060 max q laptop and it works good. I really hope thet someone can help me, it will make my day.
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Is the Windows Power Plan set to High Performance and the AC adaptor connected and powering the notebook, if not the case with one or both the GTX 1050 will not get the power that it needs and the Intel HD graphics will get used instead.
the problem is that I don't know how to do it :I
Sorry but that is not what your OP is asking and being that you have not told us the brand and model name or number of the computer or what operating system it has installed you were provided with the only two things that could be safely suggested.
I have an asus rog gl703v (that one with gtx 1050) , windows 10.
i just switched to excellent mode but the monitor is still connected to the intel graphics gpu
i just switched to excellent mode
Never heard of such a setting :unsure:

How are you determining that the Intel HD is being used.
i added it with powershell. I followed a tutorial. Anyway i can see it from the display settinjgs
Oh ok, will have to leave you with it while you are doing your own thing, if something gets irreversibly broken no one here can be held accountable for it that way.
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