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Monitor cant turn on even when pc is shown to be running

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Okay so this occuring problem started off on last Saturday when i was playing game. My computer froze, which forced me to force shut down. When i turn on, it seems fine, so i decided to retest it by playing another game. It froze again. So this time, thinking its my graphic driver, i went to check if my driver was up to date, which it was. I even tried to remove graphic card and reinsert it in but it didnt resolve the issue. I checked the gpu, by testing my old one, which has worked for me before i change to my newest one, but the same problem occurred. After this, i went to check reliability report, and it said its hardware error (livekernelevent 117). Confused, i went to do some research and it said to update driver which its already up to date. I tried reinstalling windows twice, once by myself and the other time was with helps from a Window answer desk's assistant. It seems to have solved the problem but I was wrong, and it crashed again. I did some more researched and found other alternative, to clear CMOs and reset bios on motherboard, but it didnt help. Now my monitor wont evem turn on. My monutor is set to turn on automatically when i turn my pc on. Im running out of leads and am desperate for helps or tips on what is the possible problem here.

Pc Specs: Custom build
Windows 10

-Monitor: Asus 60hz monitor (forgot the other details)
-CPU: core i5 4770k quad-core
-CPU has water cooling
-Motherboard: Gigabyte z97x gaming 3
-GPU (old): Geforce Gtx 760 (Asus oc2 edition)
-GPU (new): Geforce Gtx 980 (Asus oc2 edition)
-PSU: Evga superNOVA 1000 g2
-1tb HDD
-500gb external drive
-2 8gb RAM sticks
Nvidia driver: newest 361.xx hotfix

-Razer DeathAdder Chroma
-Razer BlackWidow Chroma
-Mad Catz 7.1 surround sound gaming headset

As you can see, its a pretty decent rig for gaming. So i get furious when theres something wrong with it

Now i've been using my computer with my old gpu for a year, and i've only made the change to gtx 980 during Christmas 2015. So i dont know whats wrong.

GPU not over heated (Checked with asus build in monitoring software)

CPU has liquid cooling/not overheated (checked with cpu monitoring software)

GPU came factory overclocked

So its either motherboard, PSU or the windows faulty 10

Any tips would help
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