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Monitor button sticking & turning on/off

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When I start my computer I manually push a button on the monitor to turn the monitor on. This morning when turning on my computer the monitor started clicking as if I were pushing the button on and off. However, even if the monitor indicator light was on the monitor would not display.

It just kept clicking on and off. I shut the sys down, and restarted. Then I pressed the monitor button, and got it to stop clicking and got it come on. But the button is stuck partially, and I am just fortunate that it is working right now.

I haven't made any software changes. I did a lot of dust work on another system, and maybe dust clogged this up. Is there anything I can do, to make the button get unstuck.

The button is the type that you bush up into the frame of the monitor. (it's always been difficult to turn this monitor on and off.) And right now the button is almost all the way pushed up. Normally the button shut be half-way pushed up while in the on position.

Thanks for your help,

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Dear Bob,

Thanks so much. I've been fighting that switch for years, and could've just been leaving it on all this time.. lol

I'm glad to know I can get it fixed.

Take care, yahoos.
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