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Moderate/Minimize Firefox memory usage

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I want to particularly ask about the issue of Firefox high memory usage, which I found it to be a public problem since FF is the reason if it, not my laptop gratefully.

Just reading these three small pages made me a little aware of how much deep information I may need to search for:
- -

So, what I am looking for is something that can be able to kind of restrict programs -FF particularly in this case- of using high memory. But at the same time, I think that if I restrict it to some limit, then it would mean limiting me to some exact amount of tabs or memory usage for example. So, what would the solution be ?
Is it a way that I can 'ask or make' FF normally use memory ? Or make it release memory ? or limit its usage..but would be stupid if it consumes high rates which means 1 or 2 tabs would reach that limit.
What to do in this case ?

As I have went to [about:memory], and clicked 'CC' and also clicked 'Minimize memory usage' but no real affect is showing.
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That first link is from 2018 so not really helpful because FF releases new versions every 4 - 6 weeks. Whatever was mentioned in that thread is for a different version of FF.

Note the last link starts out by saying: Mozilla's Firefox browser does an excellent job providing stable, fast performance with a minimal memory footprint.

Start FF in safe mode; that means all addons disabled. Help then select Restart with addons disabled. Keep an eye on the memory usage. If it remains low, probably one of the addons is causing the problem. To troubleshoot which one, enable 2 of your addons and browse. Keep enabling 1 or 2 at a time until you notice the usage spiking. The last 1 or 2 you enabled is probably causing the issue.
According to what you shared, it uses more RAM so that it can run faster, but you can lower use by updating, turning off some features or addons, or using addons like Auto Tab Discard if you have lots of tabs opened.
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