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hi there
i have a cirrus 300mhz
32 ram
1.2 hd
with a connexsoft 56k modem on it.
the thing is it will not connect to the net
i've tried different pci slots,diferant isp's
configered it,diferant cables the lot and i can't get it to work!
it dials the number then makes white nose sounds till it disconnects.
i know the modem works because it's fine on my pc (this is my sisters)
i'm all out of ideas?
can you help please!!!!
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This is probably a stupid suggestion, but better to cover the bases than assume it . . .

have you double-checked that the number you are dialling is valid for the ISP your sister is using? Modem seems to be working fine, but not connecting, which is usually, but not always, down to user error in inputting the phone number.
Another simple sounding question. The modem works we know that and it's your sister's machine but is your sister's machine in another room with a different jack? Have you tried bringing it into your room (I'm assuming a lot here - same house even?) and connecting in your jack. I've seen great connections at one end of a house or different apartments and lousy at the other end.

If her line is "dirty" it could very well account for the lack of connection.
hi there
right thanks for the help but i think it's the LAN setting that are at fault.
i when thought connection wizard and it told me that i already had a LAN connection when i tried to connect using a phone line and a modem.i went into control panle and there is no dial up icon?
so how do i sort this?
i can't find any thing in bios or when i click the network icon.
please help.

What is the error message that you receive when your modem fails to connect? If you want to alter any dial-up settings, then you'll have to open up the dial-up networking folder. Open up My Computer, then double-click Dial-Up Networking.
The problem could be conflicting protocols. Go into Control Panel, and open up the Network icon. Do you have NETBeui or IPX/SPX protocols installed? If so, then remove them. The only protocol you should have installed is TCP/IP.

Posting your error message would really help to solve the problem.

hi there
well i did what you said and deleted the settings in network.
i still have no joy!
i mirrored the settings of the pc i am e-mailing you from and still it will not work!
i have tried lots of isp's,cables,phone points,even putting the modem in a different pci slot,still nothing.
the modem will dial and make normal connection nosies,then retry a few times (as if the number is busy) then will go into a high pitched screeching noise,and finally disconnect.
the only error message i get is number is busy or setting are incorrect,adjust either and try again (words to that affect)
so what to you think?
i have absolutle no idea!!!!!
i just can't think of anything else to do!
do you think the modem is not compatable with the rest of the pc,is it worth trying another modem?
please help!!!
laters lee..
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No, you see the modem is working, and is dialling, but is not connecting. That tells me that the number you are dialling isn't valid. If this were a problem with the modem, then it wouldn't be dialling.
hi there
a last i've sorted it out!!!!!!
all it was,was that the mother board did not like the modem.
i replaced it with a nouther one and bobs your uncle it connected first time!!!!
thanks for all your help again on this matter
you have been realy helpfull.
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