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modem disconnects

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I'm having trouble w/ this modem disconnection problem. everytime logging online using dial ups using AOL, it signs off every 5 - 25 mins. Is there a way to have a stronger connection?

using win98se
56k modem
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Are you doing anything before then? AOL and other ISPs have problems with line overloads and stuff so they kick you off if you are inactive for 10 or 20 min I think. (one of those, but less than 30 min for sure)
It's not due from being inactive cuz it signs off while being active. I remember reading something bout having a stronger connection w/ dial ups in a magazine but dont remember the step. :( :( :(

I thought maybe someone would know here to solve this problem.

I had a similar problem using AOL dial up. Random disconnects all over the place.

It turned out to be a problem with noise on my phone line - a 20+ year old twisted pair copper line.

I switched to a cable telephone line and the problem never happened again.

I've also heard that certain modems (like Diamond Supras - the make I had at the time) can disconnect if there is an incoming call on your phone line.

Given all the problems I had with dial-up, I would strongly recommend you get Cable Internet if the cost/availability is okay where you are.

My flat rate AOL access used to cost me 15 GBPounds a month (about $20?) but for an extra 10GBPounds (about $13) a month, I get more than 12 times the bandwidth and near bulletproof reliability (only 2 outages of less than a half-hour in the past 5 months).

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
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hey kitmac

You just reminded me. I have to check out the aol configuration w/ the disabling the caller ID which i havent done. That computer is at my friend's house. I'm not sure if they have call waiting. that could do it. i'm gonna check it out soon in a couple of hours. Also, i'll be checking on their phonline.

oh, i do have cable speed for awhile. man, it's great and no hassles using up the phoneline.

and thanks
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