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Modem causing noise on phone line

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I installed a new modem, and plugged in the line-in phone wire and a telephone handset. If you pick up the handset there is a loud annoying humming noise. This happens whether the computer is on or off.

I tried it in two different PCI slots with the same results. I installed the drivers and still the same.

I tried the same modem in a different computer. It works fine.

Anyone have any ideas on what is causing this?
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The speakers sound fine. It is a fairly new home so the wiring 'should' be okay. (I'll check)

The modem also will not connect. It says "No dial tone detected."
I tried the phone in each jack earlier.

The computer is a new P4 3.0 GHz on an Intel motherboard. The modem is Intel also.

I am going back to their home tonight and will try the other suggestions. (and I'm bringing a new AOPen FM56-PX to try in it)

I installed the new modem. Line is as quiet as it should, and it connects with no problems.

Not a "real" solution, but they are back online & happy.
The "old" new modem works great in the other computer I tried it in. I'll keep it for the next system I build. Who would have thought an Intel modem would not be compatible with an Intel motherboard. :)
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