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mixed up files.

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Hello again,
(Do users really use the standard "Hello" whenever they post, or just go straight to the question? Anyway, this question/s a toughy, especially because I'm not really sure how to ask it. Well here goes...Trying to print some selected music files from Audio Central is what started all this...It didn't give me a print option, so I went to the media player...couldn't print from here either, "all audio" or "my shared folder" as well. so, frustrated, I tried copy/paste, tried dragging from one to the other, and really made a mess of it all. Not knowing what I was doing, and trying to get ALL MY TRACKS in one big file, I managed to get one of the files messed up, I now have Duplicated all the tracks in this file, and they all show up again in this same file as SHORTCUTS! how, do I get out of this? In "all audio" it doesn't show all the songs in the computer, somehow I got them split up? I want them all in one place so I can make my playlists from there, but I'm sure that trying to make the playlists started all this, because I can't seem to get the hang of making playlists. To add to this mess, a lot of the tracks in Audio Central,(when I try to play them) a little window pops up and says ["Audio Central, cannot find missing file".????] but, in that same list of songs, the song right next to it will play??? What have I done??? Anyway thanks for the help in the print screen, it was so easy!
p.s. How would I get on the chat line? Do I need to get a pc microphone?
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Hi- Do you mean you were trying to print the lyrics...or the titles to songs? To make a playlist- you usually use the CD Ripping utility which you can use to save the songs (audio files) into MP3 and then convert them to .wav for burning. Most software will produce a playlist when you arrange the files you want to put on a CD, and will also print labels and/or table of contents. The media player also should save a playlist, you do have to tell it what songs etc to save...
There are sites that archive lyrics, and though it takes a bit of searching, you should have good is a sample of a Sheryl Crow (who I love, madly!) song, "First Cut is the Deepest" with lyrics that you can highlight, save and print as you like:

but- since you have probably gotten some files associated with the wrong program which cannot open them...or, you have as you say, moved the files and gotten them corrupted, it would be hard to say what to do. You have to know what files go with what program. (extensions will tell you what program they are supposed to be part of- you will have to make a list of extensions and find out what programs, media players etc are used to play them) This is not as hard as it sounds! I would think you can still regroup the files with a ripping program and save them into ONE format whenever possible.
Try it with some, or download some practice ones...

Here is some help to do that- will tell you what program/player is used for any extension:,289933,sid9,00.html
You have created shortcuts by not dragging and dropping your files correctly- the shortcuts can I am pretty sure be deleted, if they were merely just created by your recent doings- check Properties for shortcuts, that will tell you if they are brand new "errors" etc.
I would also think that the files, if still showing respective original file extensions...could be put back where they may have to then use each media player to list songs, then "Import playlists" (not actual files....) should work between programs......I am not too up on that, tho. There should be someone here who can really dig down and help you!
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