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missing space on hdd

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I had a 200g hdd and got a virus, reformatted and only retrieved 130gig back, kept reformatting and still could not get them back, so went and bought a 500gig hdd and when i replaced it, guess what, still only getting 130gig.It is only giving me the option of partitioning a space of up to 130 gig, head melted so any help guys would not go a miss..thanks
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thanks for the reply but im no further on, i understand that 1gig is 1024mb but after a reformat with a clean system im am missing 370 gigabytes here not a couple of gig
Sounds like the size is not being detected properly

try tree size
After the format what version of XP is installed and have you installed SP1 yet?
Sp1 provided support for large drives, but for that, I think the limit was around 130.
I'm remembering 137 GB being the hard drive limit for older BIOS versions.

I ran into that problem while buying a new hard drive for an old HP Pavilion desktop that was manufactured in 1999 or 2000. They were too large for the old BIOS in that desktop. I got lucky and found a place that still had 30 GB IDE hard drives.

If your XP disk does not have at least SP1 included (which added support for 48bit LBA), you will not be able to see more than 137.4GB of any hard drive during the install.

You need to apply SP1 or greater, then use a 3rd party partition tool to increase the size of the partition if desired.

Or create a new disk by slipstreaming at least SP1 into your XP disk. Then you can use the full size of the hard drive during the install.


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