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missing shortcut?

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When I reboot the pc it has many popups that say missing shortcut error.
some of these are:

I looked this up, they are some kinda graphics file. I also found them in startup folder. So I deleted them, and when I reboot they are back.

Also when I hit control alt delete....they are in my task manager running?

I have Win ME, plz help if this is familiar problem! :confused:
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The are CorelDRAW files. Do you have Corel DRAW in your start-up?
If you don't have CorelDRAW I am at a loss. That was the only reference I could find to .ink files.
I would think that is possible. It doesn't really explain the fact that you can't delete them though? If the program is gone, what would recreate them?

How are you trying to delete them?
I would try doing a search of the C drive for the files, instead of doing it from the start-up folder. That is probably why they are coming back.
Did you reboot after? did they come back?
What are the ones that are left?
This seems a lot deeper than I originally thought.

These files (listed now) don't show when you "search"?
They are only in the start-up folder?
Are these all still those .ink files?

If not what are they?
What Operating System are you trying to install?

You don't have to delete the partition, just format the one you have.
Be sure that you have everyting you need first.
Windows CD
Drivers for your hardware
back-ups of your data (user created) images, music files, etc.
1 - 9 of 34 Posts
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