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missing incoming phone calls

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First let me say I am in awe of all of you guys! I am glad there are no stupid questions because believe me I will have a lot of those to pose to all. I am a 50+ grandma just learning about this computer age we are living in. Now for my first question: I need to know a way to not miss incoming phone calls.I thought if I had call waiting and someone tried to call me if would knock me off the net and the phone would ring so I could take the call. ( I volunteer at a shelter this is what happens when a call comes in there and I am online) I know you all will think I am nuts but this is what I want to happen! I don't mind getting knocked offline when someone is trying to call me. I would rather not have to pay extra for an internet answering service. I went in to my configuration setting for my dial up service to manage locations then to properties the disable call waiting is not checked but it still does not knock me offline when a call is made to our home. I have to do something to allow the calls to come in my hubby is Director of Property Operations for a large casino and he is having fits about missing calls. Anyone calling before got a busy signal since I had call waiting added all they hear is ringing but it does not knock me offline . Anyone have suggestion :confused:

Thanks Guys Littlebit Hello? Hello? anybody out there PLEASE SOME HELP PLEASE LOL :D
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littlebit870, Welcome to TSG.......

Take a look here:

Post back and let us know there is one or two other choices
DSl service would of course be the choice of most but it is pricey.

Thanks SLady and DStar! I will look into these possibilties to my problem. I am still wondering though,why am I not knocked offline when a call is made to our number? I have call waiting and as I stated before it is not on automatic disable( I double checked this)Does anyone have an explanation as to why an incoming call does not interupt my service? I am just curious :confused:

Thanks! littlebit
Personally I've never seen a setup that disconnects you automatically if you get an incoming call. I suspect the one you saw may be the exception rather than the rule. You may want to call your local phone company and see if that's the case or if I'm mistaken. I think your best bet may be to buy something like this device that alerts you to an incoming call. There's no monthly fee or any additional charges. You just need the device and you need to have call waiting which you've said you already have.

Good luck and I hope this helps .....
Maybe someone can help me out here.

littlebit, did you set up your dial-up connection to disable call waiting when you dial your ISP? Many people do. I'm not sure where the exact setting is since I don't use dial-up, so maybe someone else here can tell you how to check that setting.
if you have call waiting i think you have to put *70, before your dial up number or it will kick you off line when you get an incoming call
I have gone into my ISP connection properties there is a place there to check if you want it to automaticly turn off call waiting. I have not checked that box. I was under the impression that if you had call waiting, were online and someone was trying to call you ( and you had not turned off call waiting) that you would be disconnected from the internet. My question is why am I not disconnected when I have an incoming call if I have not disabled call waiting? This is what happens at the womens shelter I volunteer at. We have call waiting if you are online and a call is trying to come in it disconnects us from our ISP.

Littlebit :D

You can contact your ISP or dial tone provider and inquire directly as to what is is you can do to allow an incoming call to kick you off line.

"We have call waiting if you are online and a call is trying to come in it disconnects us from our ISP."

Is your ISP where you work the same company as the dial tone provider?

OK guys first there is nothing I can do about my calls ,sooooo I am going to upgrade this is where you all come in I need advice. Of course please keep in mind that I am green at this puter stuff. We have a local cable company that offers cable modem(we have basic cable in the house to get local programs) we also have direct tv in our house and I understand they offer DSL high speed Internet. they offer free activation with no contract $49.99 month.
I have not checked with SW Bell as yet. Ok dazzle me ! I will take any and all advice. The cost is not a big deal as I had to quit smoking 4 months ago so I am saving a bundle right there! This computer is the only thing that keeps me sane since I am not able to do very much till I get well . I hope to see your post thanks a lot for all your help before :D

Dee Dee "Me thinks the hubby is jealous of my computer" De Moss " littlebit "
For reviews and problems reported with the high speed providers in your are, go over to

They have a database with reviews by customers from all areas. I would read and look to see which seems to have the better service in your area.
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