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Missing Icon in My Computer

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Recently, I opened up My Computer from the option in the Windows XP Start Menu, and I saw that the icon for my Hard Disk Drive was not the one it sued to be. Instead of the icon of a disk drive, I now have an icon with a white background with one corner turned down, and in the middle is what looks like an Explorer window. This is usually (on my computer) the icon i get when a file isn't assigned a program yet. I have tried everything I know to get the Disk Drive icon back, to no avail Refresh doesn't work, neither does PowerToys "Rebuild Icons." On other files, I can simply right-click, Properties, and choose the icon, but for my C drive, right-clicking and choosing Properties does not let me change the icon. Any suggestions? Obviously this is more of an annoyance than a life-altering change, but annoying nonetheless. Thanks in advance.

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I created a new user account, and the same problem...the icon for my C drive is still not the correct one.

I also tried Owen's suggestion, but the only options to restore default icons were for My Computer, Recycle Bin, etc, i.e., icons that might be found on the desktop normally.

Is there a way to repair or rebuild Windows XP using the CD, and if so, would that solve the problem? I don't want to try it, if there's a chance I'll have to completely re-install Windows again.
I went to the website, but the suggestions there seem a little over my head and overly technical....Besides, I don't know if I necessarily feel comfortable fooling with my registry. Anyone interested in walking me through the suggestions? Or any others?
OK, I think I might have narrowed down the problem. I think it lies within my autorun.inf file in the root of my C: Drive. I've followed the suggestions of the websites posted in this thread, but they don't seem to have worked. The icon I want, the standard hard drive icon, is found in my Windows/windows32 folder. Here's the path of the file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll.

The suggestion was to type a new .INF file with the path of the icon and a number, using an index. The number of the icon is 9, so this is what the .INF file looks like:

Icon=C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll, 9

I saved it as an autorun.INF file, right in the root of my C: drive. It doesn't work; I still get the standard icon that appears when there is an unregistered file-type. Am I typing the .INF file in wrong? I tried re-installing Windows XP today, and that didn't solve the problem either....
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