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missing file

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Earlier today I was going over folders in PROGRAMS (in C) and taking out folders I no longer wanted or I'd taken out the original program for. To make more space on the hd.

After this when I put the computer on, before WINDOWS loaded(98SE) a black screen (white text) comes on saying a lot about a file missing. The basics is "SYSTEM.INI refers to a file VSDATAa95.VXD which is now missing. If you still want to use this application acciated with it, you have to reinstal it."

It said "press any key to continue" which I did, and WINDOWS loaded. I later tried restarting it and the same thing happened.

I don't think I want to use the application, and don't even know what it is, or where it came from.

I put VDATAa95.VXD in google and there were no webpages about it. (I'm pretty sure that's the name, I copied it down).

What do I have to do to get rid of this black screen coming up, I have to hit any key to continue on to get WINDOWS on?

Can I find that file it says is missing and install it? Can I take something out of the registry that's telling it to look for the file, in an application that's no longer there?

I ran SYSTEM FILE CHECKER and it didn't bring up anything missing.


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I did take out Zone Alarm, a few days ago. Because my WMP9 wasn't picking up streaming audio that I wanted to hear. I had been trying to figure this out for 3 weeks (off and on)and while looking in google search (about it) came across something that said Zone Alarm can cause problems. It said to set ZA for MEDIUM security, which I already had.

I tried taking it out to see if that worked, and after that the file would play.

I don't remember how I took it out, either from ADD/REMOVE programs or in UNINSTAL. Whatever it was supposed to be done with. I mean, I didn't just find it and delete the file.

When I started to it asked me if I would fill out a form telling them why I was taking it out? I agreed, and an email form with boxes to check and write in came up.

I think I know what happened with the reg keys.

I've had a problem (every few months, not often) where the computer crashes and when I restart, there's a screen saying WINDOWS HAD EXPERIENCED A PROBLEM AND HAS RESTORED A PREVIOUS REG SETTING.

Since this has happened before and I had to put in programs again, since the settings were current, I found out (with help here) how to save a copy of my reg settings. This happened earlier today, and after WINDOWS restored an old setting, I had it put in the last one I had saved, which was from the end of FEB.

When I had zone alarm.

which, I guess is why those settings think I have Zone Alarm, but I no longer do!

I figured at the time I would take it out and see if it fixed the WMP problem (which, apparently it did) and I could always reinstal it later if I wanted.

I know it's good to have a fire wall, but it seemed to slow it down (overall) and it also got in the way of exchanging pictures using AOL AIM. At least I think it did. When my daughter tried to send me pictures that way, it wouldn't connect, until I disabled Zone Alarm. (I tried disabling it to get WMP to play the file, but nothing worked till I took it out.)

I'm thinking maybe if I run Adaware and SpyBot, and check HiJackThis routinely, I can get away without a firewall?

Anyway, I guess the answer now is to take out the reg keys that were put back in, but no longer needed? If you can point me in that direction?

And then I'll make a new copy of reg settings to save.

Thanks for the help,

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What is the solution to this for the future?

Save a new registry file every day, or more often?

If WINDOWS reverts to another setting to fix something(it would use the same one, I could tell by the picture on my desktop and the homepage at the time, around 2 years ago) It would also put back whatever was there at that time, and not be correct, either?

I once wrote about this problem (on this board) and was told how to save a more current setting to restore, after WINDOWS automatically restored a 2 year old one. Nobody said it would or might create problems.

But, now I know.

~ Carrie
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