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missing file

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Earlier today I was going over folders in PROGRAMS (in C) and taking out folders I no longer wanted or I'd taken out the original program for. To make more space on the hd.

After this when I put the computer on, before WINDOWS loaded(98SE) a black screen (white text) comes on saying a lot about a file missing. The basics is "SYSTEM.INI refers to a file VSDATAa95.VXD which is now missing. If you still want to use this application acciated with it, you have to reinstal it."

It said "press any key to continue" which I did, and WINDOWS loaded. I later tried restarting it and the same thing happened.

I don't think I want to use the application, and don't even know what it is, or where it came from.

I put VDATAa95.VXD in google and there were no webpages about it. (I'm pretty sure that's the name, I copied it down).

What do I have to do to get rid of this black screen coming up, I have to hit any key to continue on to get WINDOWS on?

Can I find that file it says is missing and install it? Can I take something out of the registry that's telling it to look for the file, in an application that's no longer there?

I ran SYSTEM FILE CHECKER and it didn't bring up anything missing.


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Hi, Carrie...

One solution would be to save another copy of your registry whenever you install or uninstall a program...
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