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missing file

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Earlier today I was going over folders in PROGRAMS (in C) and taking out folders I no longer wanted or I'd taken out the original program for. To make more space on the hd.

After this when I put the computer on, before WINDOWS loaded(98SE) a black screen (white text) comes on saying a lot about a file missing. The basics is "SYSTEM.INI refers to a file VSDATAa95.VXD which is now missing. If you still want to use this application acciated with it, you have to reinstal it."

It said "press any key to continue" which I did, and WINDOWS loaded. I later tried restarting it and the same thing happened.

I don't think I want to use the application, and don't even know what it is, or where it came from.

I put VDATAa95.VXD in google and there were no webpages about it. (I'm pretty sure that's the name, I copied it down).

What do I have to do to get rid of this black screen coming up, I have to hit any key to continue on to get WINDOWS on?

Can I find that file it says is missing and install it? Can I take something out of the registry that's telling it to look for the file, in an application that's no longer there?

I ran SYSTEM FILE CHECKER and it didn't bring up anything missing.


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The file belongs (belonged) to ZoneAlarm.

When you are "taking out folders", you are doing this via Add/Remove Programs, I hope??

Now, did you intend to remove ZoneAlarm or not??
(so we can guide you on a reinstall, or guide you into the registry to delete the culprit keys)
Run Regedit and browse to the following key


If you open it and scroll down, you should find VSDATA95

Select the folder, right mouse, delete.

You have discovered why you need to be very careful doing registry restores.
By loading and old registry, you have made windows think that there are programs installed, that no longer are. As well, any that you have installed since that date, potentially will no longer work.

And, any "flags" (information) that your running programs placed in the registry, for future use (such as the level of your antivirus updates), have also been lost and been reverted to those as of the restored registry.
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