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Might & Magic Heroes 7 - Port issues / something I missed?

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Hey guys,

so a while ago Might & Magic heroes 7 came out, an old time favourite of my friends and myself. We all bought it to play online together, but since they released this game in such a crapy fashion every player has to use workarounds to get things working. (things I used to do for wc2/3, but you would not expect that in 2015/16)

The problem:
When you go to multiplayer -> online -> create a game, the game gives you a message "Port 27015 should be open to host games".

My attempts at a sollution:
I used as a guide, it told me to set up a static ip which I did:

Here I checked if everything indeed changed:

Next upt was forwarding the ports:

(Out of frustration I tried both my dns server and my pc's ip adress, I am not that experienced with this, and yes I had them enabled)

This did not work, so I tried the port forwarding along with adding the launcher from ubisoft and homm7 to the firewall and even disabling the firewall but still no luck.

I checked various online port checking sites, but they all told me those ports where still blocked and that the connection timed out. This is odd, because I have them opened up.

Some googling gave me the idea I had a double NAT in my network, therefore the router to which I am connected with ethernet should have a private ip in the range of etc or etc. But that is not the case, my router status page gives me this:

So when the port forwarding didnt work out, someone suggested DMZ should always do the trick, well it didnt..

And last but not least my ISP, is Ziggo ( I live in the netherlands ) and they are not blocking any of the ports I tried to forward.

So in the end I am kinda frustrated and don't know what to do.

My router model
Cisco EPC3925

Can someone please help me or explain if I did something wrong?

Kind regards!
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