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Microsoft Word

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I am not well versed in word but know a bit to get by. I am bilingual and use word in the Japanese language. My question relates to below.

1. Didyou eat watermelon?       Yes/No

2. Didyou get up early?         Yes/No

3. Didyou go to a festival?        Yes/No

4. Didyou play basketball?        Yes/No

5. Didyou eat icecream?         Yes/No

6. Didyou go to a concert?        Yes/No
As you can see 3 and 4 Yes/No is perfectly in line and looks neat. Is there a way to get 1 2 5 and 6 in line with 3 and 4? It would look better on a document or worksheet. I use Microsoft 2007. Thanks for any advice.! Chris
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You can set and use a tab to position the "Yes/No" portion in the same position of all six entries. A left, right, or centered tab would work.
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