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Microsoft Word messed up

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Hey guys,

currently I have Windows 2000 professional as my operating system. And my Microsoft Word is really messed up. Every time I open it it freezes and then it's unfrozen, then freezes again, then unfrozen. For example, if I want to type any word, like "Microsoft". I'll type the letter "m" then if i want to type the "i" after, I have to wait like a good minute until it gets unfrozen and the cursor starts blinking again, then type the letter "i"

Also, when it's open, it makes my whole computer go slow. I have no other problems with any other of my Microsoft programs, but this one is messed up.

Please help.

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a rather recent flaw in WORD - maybe similar??

I just read this and now will have to get everyone at work to forget about their MS Word documents until further notice......
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