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Microsoft Word help anyone?

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Ok, I realize this may seem ignorant to some of you, and it's true I am ignorant, when it comes to these things. I am just wondeing if any of you know a way to save a font, and size in MS word. So that I can automatically use the same font and size everytime without having to select them. Is there such a thing? If so could you please tell me how? Also, in word there is an address book, I have saved the names and addresses of people in there numerous times. Lets say I am going to print an envelope, I select the name, but only the name comes up, the addresses won't save. I have to re-type them every time. If I look at the peoples' info though their addresse are still listed, but they will not come up in the 'preview box, before I print. Is that how it's supposed to be? shouldn't I be able to click the name and the envelope just prints everything, names and addresses too? Well those are my 2 questions, how to save fonts etc, and also how to save addresses along with names in the address book. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You willl find all the answers to everything about word here

I don't know what WORD you are using. I have 2000. On the formatting toolbar next the font name is probably a window for the STYLE. It is probably in NORMAL. There is a drop down menu for different styles. While in NORMAL.....

Go above and hit FORMAT/STYLE

in W2000 you hit MODIFY and the go on to FORMAT

and then enter the font and size you want.

SAVE or APPLY your way out of the windows. The standard sheet should come up with the size you chose.

Thank you very much CastleHeart it worked wonderfully! I never would have found my through there by myself...........thanks!
The easy way:

Format-Font, choose the font.
Hit the DEFAULT button, lower-left of the dialog.

Same thing with page margins, etc.
Look for the DEFAULT button.

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