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Microsoft antivirus

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Hello, read an article last week that the subject would come out with what I thought an antivirus program. Is that correct, I forgot the date it would be ready for d/l but I believe it was 1/11/04,

Would appreciate a reply.

Thanks :confused:
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Microsoft has responded to customer concerns around deceptive and malicious software by announcing two new efforts in the company’s ongoing focus on Trustworthy Computing generally, and security and privacy in particular. The beta version of Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware, a new solution designed to help protect Windows users from spyware and other potentially unwanted software, is now available as a free download, and the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, which will help rid PCs of prevalent worms and viruses, will be made available as part of Microsoft’s monthly update cycle beginning on January 11th.

the above was found here:

:D Java.....should be 05 not :D
the beta for the anti-spyware came out last Thursday, which expires 31 Jul 05.

the anti virus is supposedly coming out 11 Jan 05
It came to me as an auto-update. Once installed it checked for some type of virus (i guess). It must be really hidden good. Cannot find anything on the surface where it is. It is not on the control panel, or the program list. I wonder if I can just remove and forget it. With what I am running. I really do not need it.

Zone Alarm, Avast, SpywareBlaster, SptBot S&D. is what I am currently running.
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