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Message text distortion in Outlook Express

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A couple of people that I've sent email messages to have told me that all text in the messages gets distorted into a few unintelligble symbols. Some people have even thought that I was writing in a foreign language, which of course, I wasn't. I'm at a complete loss to understand what could be causing this. I have Outlook Express 5.50, Internet Explorer 5.1, my ISP is Prodigy, my Operating System is Windows 98 SE.

Thank you for any insight you may have.
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My first thought would be for you to click on the anti-virus link next to my name for a scan. It is a free online service.

In the meantime I will look to see if something else may cause that.
Well, you may have been writing in a foreign language - it all depends on the recipient's point of view.

However, from your description it sounds a bit like the message may have been sent in rich text (HTML) and the recipients can only read plain text. If you haven't already checked this, try going to the pull down Format menu and choose plain text for your message.

Good luck,
Thanks to both of you for answering.

I've had my system scanned for viruses more than once and I have a clean bill of health. I've also recently added a firewall (which I'm wondering if I even need, since I'm a home pc user), but these problems happened before I installed the new antivirus program I have, as well as after. In short, it doesn't seem that it's due to viruses.

Thanks for the suggestion regarding html text and plain text. I'll check my settings on this and see if it could be a factor.

If you can think of anything else, please let me know:confused:
Change your stationary to a blank background. I am betting that the others are using netscape.
I've also recently added a firewall (which I'm wondering if I even need, since I'm a home pc user)
You need it especially if you are on cable or dsl. According to Zonealarm, I have had 6 firewall probes today.
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