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Menu / Bespoke Screen when turning on a computer

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I am using a laptop to run only 3 Python programs to control some machinery. What I want to happen, is that when the user turns on the laptop they get a screen with 3 options, each option will kick off a python program. I don't want the windows screen or menu to show.

Is there a really simple way to do this?

[I realise that one can kick off a program on Windows 7 at startup .. but what program?]
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You can use something like this :-
@echo off
title Multiple Choice Menu
echo Select a task:
echo =============
echo 1) Run Python#1
echo 2) Run Python#2
echo 3) Run Python#3
set /p web=Type option:
if "%web%"=="1" Start Python#1
if "%web%"=="2" Start Python#2
if "%web%"=="3" Start Python#3
goto home
Copy and Paste the code into Notepad and save as Menu.cmd

Run Python#1 etc can be any text you like.

The Python#1 etc after Start should be the full path and filename of the file you want to run.

To make the menu run at startup do Start > All Programs > right-click on the Startup folder > Open, then copy the Menu.cmd file into that folder.
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