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Members v Guests online !!!

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As of now there are currently 960 members and 449 guests on the boards. (Oldies Website)

TSGs = 105 members and 597 guests on the boards

Both boards rely, to some extent, on voluntary contributions to keep the boards up and running - from Members !!!!!!!!!

Should TSGs attempt to attract more contributing members?

Just a thought

Regards - Oldie
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Originally posted by THoey:
A lot of those guests are probably search bots...
Of course Terry - sharing of information - great - as long as a board can survive successfully on limited monetory, voluntary, contributions :up:

As I said - just a thought :)

Originally posted by Rhettman5.1:
We are all just waiting for Mulders annual "I'll match $xx,xxx.xx amount of donations thread" then the bucks will fly ! :)
Your on - me too :D
Originally posted by Rockn:
There are many ideas that could be used for fundraising.

1) Slap Mulder around for a $20 donation
2) The TSG Girls swimsuit Calendar for a $100 donation

Make it kind of like the PBS pledge drives..:)
I'd pledge $25 if (1) and (2) above could be juggled around, Mulder in a girly swimsuit :D

Originally posted by Steppinstone:
Oldie, many members surf the site in invisible mode!!

Have a great day!

Chari edited to add, yeah I paid but due to do again soon :p
Lordy lordy - and here's me thinking that we are all invisible when online. One learns new tricks everyday :D

Popping off to put a shirt and tie on before logging back on :eek:

Originally posted by chalky:
Thought it might be this one...:p :p teh hee...guess I was wrong...:D

PM him... :)
Oldie = Humour (Humor) good one Chalky :D
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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