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I could use a little help with this. I’ve created this word template to keep record of meetings. Now I’ve been asked to turn this into a db. Since I’m really not an expert in Access, I’m trying to figure this out. I’ve sorted the fields as you can see in the example, and I’ve also figured the attendants to the meeting must be a yes/no field.

Ok, so I’ve created a table Employees with:

Employee_Code (autonumber – primary key)
Employee_Name - text

Meeting table with:

Meeting Id (autonumber – primary key)
Employee_Code – number (don’t know if it’s necessary for relations)
Date – date/time
Time – date/time
Place – text
Department – text
Subject – text
Explanations – memo
Considerations – memo
Decisions – memo

Now, my problem is with the attendance. How can I create the relation between the meeting and the employees? And the checkbox on the template? How can I translate that to the yes/no box? Is another table the solution?

And how can I export the created meetings back to a word document based on that template?

Thank you very much.

PS: Sorry if this sounds confusing, but I’m really lost in here.
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