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Mediatek wlan Switch Radio Failed error

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Hi.. I am running Win 7 32 bit on a desktop. 2 GB RAM Pentium dual core 3 GHz. Sorry can't download the sysinfo as no access to the internet

Problem.. l use a USB Wifi dongle.. it's Chinese and uses Mediatek Ralink drivers. This system has worked great for over a year.
Somehow it's stopped.. the Mediatek panel shows its receiving a signal as the antenna icon is lit up. However.. it doesn't show any connections when it scans. When I click on it..l get "Switch radio failed error".
In device manager there are no yellow alerts incl set to show hidden devices. I opened the Network adapters. It shows. 802:11n wireless LAN card. It's Ralink. Location Port #0006 Radio on/off. Enabled.
Roaming sensitivity. Highest.
Mediatek driver 2015 vsn.
Not signed
Next we have Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCIE Gigabit Ethernet controller Flow control shows Rx Tx Enabled.
Network address blank
Driver Qualcomm Atheros 2013 vsn . Not signed.

lpconfig /all shows ..
Hostname Gazza pc
Primary DNS suffix. Blank
Node type. Hybrid
IP routing enabled. No
WINS Proxy enabled. No

CMD run as admin..
netsh wlan show profiles.. shows..
Profiles on interface wireless network connection 2
Group policy profiles read only. None.
User profiles. None.

Hope all this is some help and hope to hear back soon

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What the error seems to be say is that the radio has been turned off. From what I have quickly looked at, there may be a setting in the wireless utility that gives you that function to turn on/off.

Also, since you are on Windows 7, does Windows detect any wireless connections? I wonder if Windows is trying to control the adapter.
Thanks for the suggestions, currently the computer is been seen to by a technician.. if and when he fixes it l will update this thread with the reason for the error.
Sounds good, let us know either way :)
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