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Media Player 9 series

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Tried to play a movie with Divx codec on media player and get a error saying can't download codec, any help is appreciated, cheers
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Download and install Nimo Pack codecs. This program has all the codecs you will need to run the Divx movie.
Download it from here:

However, I do not thing it will help. I have WMP 9 Beta which also does not play videos of any sort even with the Nimo Pack installed. As it is still beta version it is to be expected.

Another tip. DirectX 9 has just been released and after installing that I lost all sound from my computer so be warned and create a Restore Point before installing it.
try to remove media player 9....if there is a resent restore point. WMP9 has had many problems. I kno that when i try to run any web content (as in a window in IE) it wont work because they have not figured out how to have WMP run in IE. WMP8 is much better. also for local content (MP3 or DivX movies) i would use winamp 3. I kno that im gonna get flamed but winamp3 is much better than WMP. Also winamp 3 does not take as much resources.
I've been using WMP9 RC1 with no problems, I really like it. It plays embedded audio in IE just fine for me. I haven't tried it on DivX movies, thugh, I'm not in to that sort of thing. It does play .wmv and .asf just fine.
To argue the points of WMP and WinAmp is like Ford or Chevy. :D The point is, WinAmp3 is indeed a resource hog. In fact somewhere on WinAmp's site it will tell you how much it needs. Still WinAmp ver. 2.xx has always been a great little player. WMP has also been a resource hog. Both shouldn't be a problem in XP as XP handles resources much much better than the Win98 O/S.
Hey Neesh,

Sorry to digress, but be careful in downloading the codecs. They contain adware/spyware. Check out their privacy content first, otherwise your security could be jeopardised.

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