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Media Player 9 dissappears

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When I am on line and running WMP9, if I click a radio station or any streaming media the WMP dissappears. No error messages. Just closes down. It works ok in every other respect. I am running windows XP 2.3GHz, 1Meg Ram.
All advice will be appreciated
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Must be the only person in the world with this problem.
Thanks for your help

Can you give us a link to a site where this happens?

Also, try this:

Windows Explorer | Tools | Options.

Scroll down to asx, click to highlight, and see what it opens with. Is it Media Player?


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First of all, thank you for your support.
I have checked the setting and it is set for Windows Media Player.
The problem only occurs when I am connected to the net.
For example, I connect to the net, run windows media player ancl click on any streaming media within the player. Almost instantaneously the player closes down and I am left with the desk top. (still connected to the net).
Away from the net, the player plays ok (mpeg, avi, etc).
It just closes down when I try to play any streaming media.

Thanks once again.
Going to re-install Windows
Consider this thread closed.
I started having this problem out of the blue too and have been looking everywhere for the answer...and I found it:

There is a bug in Media Player that, for whatever reason, makes it quit being able to determine your connection speed for streaming video. When it cannot determine the speed, it crashes.

There is a manual bandwidth selection feature now available in Windows Media Player 7.1 and Microsoft Windows Media Player for Windows XP that allows you to specify it yourself (this feature was added specifically to address this issue). Specify your connection speed and you should be able to view streaming media again ("Tools/Options").

For anyone with older versions, follow these instructions to edit the registry:
Please ignore my last post, it was a temporary fix. The thing to do is delete the file from the windows or windows/system32 directory and reboot.
Hiya and welcome, Developer

Thanks for the reply, lets hope it helps Kath or anyone else :)


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