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mechwarrior 4: vengeance problems

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I just reinstalled mw4 and i'm having problems. I start up the game and i get a window. Then i get this:

80004005 - WINERR_Unspecified error ) - CreateSoundBuffer(0x1718218: DSBCAPS_CTRL3D ,(PCM 16-bit, 1 channel.

The game of course doesn't run. I never had these problems when i ran the game on windows 2000. anyway, here's my system info

Dell optiplex GX240
387 mb ram
1.80 ghz pentium 4 processor
ATI All in-wonder Radeon 9600 128mb (This is new, just got it on sunday)
Windows XP professional

any help is appreciated.
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If you have changed your video card since the game was installed do this.
Go to add/remove programs and do a repair install. Then go to start/programs/microsoft games/MW4 Vengence and select AutoConfigure. This will reset your graphics settings for the game. If this does'nt fix it please post your dxdiag report here.You may need to reinstall your sound card drivers. Go to my computer/properties. Click on the hardware tab and choose device manager. Scroll down to sound video and game controllers. Then go to the sound controller manufacturers website to check for updated drivers.
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